Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The chocolate caper A few nights ago, I completely forgot about what happens when I ingest some of my favorite Trader Joe's dark chocolate after, say, 3:00 PM. Without a shred of misgiving, I put those two squares of heaven in my mouth and enjoyed the heck out of them--at 9:00 PM. And seven hours later, I was still awake. A simple case of cause and effect, one that I've proven to myself enough times to know that it just isn't worth the pleasure to endure the accompanying pain and thus established the accompanying guideline. Granted, the following 18 hours or so weren't the greatest I've ever experienced, but they weren't the worst, either. That, and my total lack of recall on this particular subject, are what's fascinating to me. I didn't thrash and bemoan my situation, once I realized what had happened--I just rested in my bed, and thought of a few things that were interesting enough to occupy my brain but not enough to trigger an obsession that made me more alert. I didn't attempt to do anything other than what was required of me the next day. I have recently begun a new set of living arrangements under which the guideline had not been previously applied, so perhaps that might explain my temporary memory lapse. Being human is probably the ultimate culprit. Apparently, in comparison to all the other endless minutae rolling around in my brain lately, it wasn't as important, and I just forgot. And now I have yet another experience on which to scaffold a remembering. No beating myself up for a minor transgression into stupidland. It simply was, I surrendered as much as I could in the situation, which, now that I'm thinking about it, was remarkable and perhaps the reason behind all of this happening the...

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