Saturday, January 08, 2011

JOT Day 18 - But it's hard.... It's hard carving time out from the rest of your world to work on something that's just for you. It's hard because there are more than a few inaccurate perceptions that run through our heads about that kind of thing, things we've been thinking since they were first unreeled to us as children as The Way to Live. One, that what matters to us isn't as important as what matters to someone else. What a cock-eyed interpretation of selfishness, from a very selfish perspective. Two, that dreams do not count. They are for when you retire, or your kids grow up, or some other vague point in time when everything gets figured out. Three, there is no vague later point in time in which we have things figured out (This one is already not following the theme, but I'm going with it). Have you noticed? Adults do not have the market cornered on having things figured out. And those who maintain that they do in fact have things figured out stopped thinking for themselves a long time ago. Four, we allow dreams to scare us because we intuitively get that they have immense power, and we have not been given any tools with which to deal with that power. So it's easier just to try to ignore them. Five, dreams do not do "Ignore" very well. They are insistent about coming out of the expression closet because that's their job--to get expressed. Otherwise we are shortshrifting the universe of all the vibrancy that might be because we're too frightened to follow our own instincts. A very clever balance of power. Six, it's easy to say at the end of the day job that we're tired and don't feel like devoting even twenty minutes to something that we know makes our...

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