Wednesday, October 18, 2006

psychic Local artist in a library exhibition~~ The other night I had the opportunity to experience a reading with a psychic. She gave a little talk before she started working with each of us in the group, and I liked what she had to say about all of us having the ability to listen to our inner knowing, that getting quiet in whatever form works best for you is necessary to be able to hear that knowing, and that she says "thank you" when she receives whatever messages she does for herself during meditation, her chosen technique. Anticipating what she might pick up on considering the recent changes going on in my life, I sat with her for a quiet moment when it was my turn and awaited what she had to say. Nothing of any value. Period. I almost wanted to laugh, but kept it to myself until asked for feedback on the experience to the group for future engagements with this person. No thank you. I'd been reading Sonia's Choquette's Psychic Pathway, which was heads and shoulders above what this flesh-and-blood person had given her paid clients. I believe as the author does that "psychic" means pathway to the soul, a pathway that allows you to either tap into your subconscious storehouse, a telepathic connection, or a higher plane of consciousness. I believe that we all have messages we need to hear from our true selves, and whatever method we decide to pursue to figure out what that message is, more power to you for exploring. And I'm glad that I could laugh at what the psychic told me the other night. I was listening to my inner knowing at the time, which she had no gifts to conjure.

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