Monday, October 09, 2006

there's more to cutting hair.... Love this bike. Want this bike. Appreciate this bike. Have this bike. That is how it works. So I drove to the library at lunchtime, grabbed some literary fodder, ogled this splendid vehicle, and on the way back to work, I noticed a pop-and-pop sort of barber shop, a teeny-tiny building sticking out among the mostly larger stores along the consumer row. I've not found a stylist who cuts my close-cropped coiffure to my satisfaction, so I was willing to try this avenue. Following an impulse, I went inside to inquire as to their accommodating women clientele. The owner, a smaller gentleman named Larry, wouldn't even consider the possibility before shaking his head no. His colleague, Dan, on the other hand, was willing to venture out into gender bender territory and cut my hair. Dan, with tattoos on his arms and cigarette odor on his fingers, did his magic with the clippers and a comb. No plastic attachments, oh no - he told me that he could tell those implements of ineffectiveness had been utilized during the previous attempts at leveling my locks. That's when he said, "There is more to cutting hair than meets the eye." So Dan did his thing, and his talent is remarkable. He alone in the styling world seems to understand my tapering needs. I inquired whether he would be at this same establishment in a month, and he deferred to Larry, saying he was on probationary terms pending approval for permanent employment. Larry got my vote of confidence, and Larry then asked my name for future reference. I think my reaching out to play with them today opened up a whole new world for Larry. I imagine that my visit will be popular conversation there for some time to come. I'd even venture that...

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