Thursday, December 21, 2006

revisiting the Feminine "Months or years may go by, and now this woman finds herself doubly in despair. Not only is her Feminine core unsatisfied by the lack of love she receives from her man, she is also unsatisfied by the lack of love she receives from her own Masculine; she still wants a man with whom to share love. Her heart is not overflowing with the bliss of love. Rather, even though there are good times and bad times, her heart is still yearning for more love in her life. Sometimes a man seems to love her, sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes she can love herself, sometimes she can't. Her heart might feel okay, but it doesn't feel overwhelmed by love. Her body might feel okay, but it isn't exploding in the bliss of passionate love. Her mind might feel okay, but it isn't rested in the certain knowledge of love. The love that would absolutely overwhelm her Feminine core, that would fulfill her deep yearning, is lacking. It always has been. And so the crisis between the second stage and third stage begins: "I can't get enough love from him. And I can't give myself enough love. I am still yearning for more love. It is hopeless." This Feminine "black hole of need" is equivalent to the Masculine's "mid-life crisis" of emptiness and inauthenticity in His life. Eventually, a second-stage woman with a Feminine sexual essence becomes absolutely frustrated with her desire for deep and overwhelming love. Sure, there are periods in her life when she might temporarily feel this kind of love, but these periods don't last. There is always the possibility of loss of love. Always there is the fear that maybe he doesn't really love me. Maybe he won't really love me tomorrow. Maybe he'll love someone else more....

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