Sunday, May 13, 2007

Banana Peels and Other Cosmic Jokes Banana Peels and Other Cosmic Jokes A blond was walking down the street, when up ahead she spotted a banana peel right in her path. Rolling her eyes skyward, and then, with a resigned shrug of her shoulders, she said, "Here we go again." I'm not a fan of dumb-blond jokes, or any fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever-demographic jokes. They make me cringe, and depending on who is telling them, that person makes me cringe, unless I know they roast their own demographics in the same manner. In this case however, I was instantly taken with the whole image, replacing the joke's scapegoat with "poor misinformed human". I identified with those of us on the planet who perceive our daily existence just as preordained and unavoidable as being compelled to make a beeline for that banana peel. Emotional reactions to the present continue to be triggered by some unresolved drama from the past for which we keep renewing our subscriptions, voluntarily pulling out our checkbooks during a seemingly on-going membership drive. I have to include myself in that august group. There are feelings that well up in me on occasion that are not pleasant and are not welcome and are anchored in my adult awareness only because of some unmet need in childhood playing itself out over and over again, for years. However, for whatever reason, the intent I carry around with me is to wrestle those feelings to the ground and extinguish them, and this intent is so strong that I am able to persevere, despite great odds not in my favor. It's just so much more convenient and easier in this culture to drown the pain, and the power to heal it, in all sorts of delectable but equally heart-numbing addictions. It's so much easier to ignore the observer persona in my...
big guns The Big Guns Ever get a kick in the behind in the form of a physical ailment that lets you know in no uncertain terms that the jig is up? Well, my body relayed that message to me recently, and consequently I am forced to listen. Well, that's not true. I could continue along my merry clueless way and make things worse. But I'm not going to do that. I am hereby taking responsibility for what I know to be true. I've entertained thoughts of gifting myself with turning in early in the evenings in order to regift myself with exercising and meditation in the mornings before dashing off to my day job. For months now my body clock has been awakening me early enough to accomplish those things, but being less than enthusiastic about getting out of a perfectly good, warm bed, I've stalled those plans equally as long. Now this physical issue rears its pretty head and says, "Listen. We've given you chance after chance to pursue this lifestyle change with merely subtle encouragement. Now we pull out the big guns. Gonna take the hint?" OK, OK. I'm listening. And I have to say I am more than a little intrigued as to what exactly is going to show up when I do get into the groove of that exercise and meditation over time. If the universe went to such lengths to arrange it, there must be something fabulous on its way. Hopefully just like in the movie Schultze Gets the Blues. This is the blurb on the dvd case that convinced me to take it home with me from the library: "A smash hit in Germany and winner of numerous film festival awards around the globe, Schultze Gets the Blues is a funny, touching peek into the...

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