Monday, May 28, 2007

#44 - Choosable I've been detoxing. You may have bumped into the ten-day detox cleanse that's been zooming around the blogosphere and other places lately. Well, I was smitten when I first read about it, and a few weeks later was doing it myself. What sold me was the overwhelming consensus as to how good you can feel while doing this thing. I wanted some of that. And I got it. The load that's taken off your body and your system by not chewing solid food is incredibly freeing - if you are allergic to certain foods and don't know it, you'll soon find out doing the cleanse. And no cooking for ten days! Woo hoo! Another fringe benefit is the temporary weight loss - I don't own a scale so I'm not sure where I am in that department, but the way my clothes fit me lets me know that I'm lighter, in more ways than one. What I didn't bargain for during the whole experience was the emotional angle. The accounts that I had read on other people's blogs included snapshots of whatever private hell or irritation they went through on particular days, but these women were dealing with some very specific and singular issues that don't apply to the public at large. Emotions did come up for me, and since there was no distraction factor available from food, they were able to hang around the kitchen table and chat rather than be delegated to the cellar. My higher self showed up too, and helped me see that these feelings were powerless when I chose for them to be. I got accustomed to observing them come up, and then diminish. They stood in puny relief compared to their original configuration, sort of like the Wicked Witch of the West meeting her...

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