Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): It's about time you got the chance to be knocked on your ass by a flood of positive surprises and good feelings. I hope you're trusting enough to go with the tidal flow, even if it does temporarily render you a bit woozy. Naturally you'd like to know if this giddy surrender will land you in trouble. Is there any chance that you'll have to endure some karmic adjustment at a later date because of the fun you're having now? Here's my prediction: absolutely not. If anything, your enthusiastic cooperation with the free-form dazzle will shield you from any negative repercussions. **************************************** And it will path the way for more good stuff to come down the pike. Letting go of that notion that we have to somehow work to deserve our well-being is the best gift we can give ourselves. Everything else follows after that speed bump has been leveled. Came across this story about self-image and the dalai lama: the dalai lama was meeting with some western researchers and teachers and one of them asked him about how to help her students with their feelings of worthlessness and shame. the other participants eagerly awaited his answer, because they also had students who struggled with this. he was very puzzled and went back and forth several times with his translators as it didn't make sense to him. HE HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS CONDITION. when he finally was sure that indeed this WAS what the issue was ---he again inquired of the teachers, "THIS is the issue????" he was assured that yes, he understood the issue. and then he asked of the teachers, "And do YOU struggle with this, also?" (I'm paraphrasing here, cuz i can't find the article handy right now.)"YOU EXPERIENCE THIS???" the teachers...

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