Sunday, May 13, 2007

red light, green light These days I am quite taken with the marvel of stoplights. At one regulated intersection recently where I complied with a red light's dictum, I observed there was not just one but two sets of traffic signals swinging from the cables above my head. This is not the first time I've noticed this phenomenon, but it got me wondering how that whole replacement thing works. A few unfruitful Google searches later, I remain unenlightened. Usually the new set just shows up one day - rarely have I ever witnessed the actual installation of the lights - dangling perpendicular to the ground near the old set until whoever gives the go-ahead to swap them out. Why is the whole job not done in one fell swoop? Is there a waiting period til the new set gets acclimated to its surroundings, maybe avoiding a slight case of acrophobia? If I decide to pursue this mystery with local transportation authorities, I'll keep you informed of any resolution. In the meantime, there's an analogy inherent in that doubling, in terms of how change is incorporated into our lives, that I think is worth a gander. The phrase, "Fake it til you make it," comes to mind as I see these look-alikes hovering side by side, the as-yet-to-be-engaged version acting as a sort of place holder for what's to come. Those of us who proclaim verbal, written or thought-form intentions for a changed behavior or attitude might want to borrow this image as a totem for our self-improvement endeavors. Picture that desired new aspect of ourselves standing quietly but resolutely by while we perform our due diligence to let go of the old one. There might be a whole lotta stoppin' and startin' goin' on during this transitional time. If you're at all like me,...
secret Have you seen the movie The Secret? Already being a fan of several metaphysical gurus who are showcased in it, I didn't think I'd get much out of it, so I put off the experience for awhile. (Rolling of eyes) Silly girl. In my view, it's the personalized tour of consciousness that What The Bleep Do We Know? whet our appetites for. The Secret's popularity spreading by word of mouth and getting out there in the mainstream is one point of deliciousness. That there are so many people from all over the globe, but especially in the good ol' US of A, who are practicing these principles that enrich their lives and are sharing them with others, is also very cool. But the best, the very best part of the whole thing is the focus on how you feel and where that takes you in your life. It's not just the thoughts that you think. It's not just the goals you come up with for yourself. It's not just finding a framework for how the universe works that works for you. It's about how you feel when you play all those metaphysical games with yourself that matters. That's what turned me inside out about this movie, since we're all about reaching for what resonates here at Reach Dabble Shine, and about hangin' out in a particular end of the emotional scale swimming pool. We all know from personal experience that a concept, a relationship, a possibility can come along that makes perfect sense to our intellect, but if it isn't a gleam in our souls, then it ain't happenin'. Period. And lifetimes may go by before you are ready to admit it to yourself. After you've become an attorney, all the while craving a social worker's domain. After marrying the...

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