Sunday, July 22, 2007

on a roll here Almost all of you, right from the beginning, relative to self, were taught that you are inappropriate beings, here to prove worthiness to something that moves around so much you can’t even really figure out what the rules are — because everybody has a different interpretation of what’s right and what’s wrong. So, we could put it very simply: The only thing that has been getting in your way, the only thing that has been holding you up, the only thing that has been troubling any of you, is one thing: you have not been appreciating you. You’ve been looking at you, seeing lack and vibrationally closing down the Energy that allows you to get what you want. That has been it. Can a person who doesn’t appreciate self suddenly start appreciating self? We don’t think so. We see, every time you try, you fall back into these same old ruts. Every time you try to get outside of yourself to look at yourself, what you see is the same thing you’ve sort of trained yourself to see. That’s why you’ve said and you have heard others say, “I can’t see myself as others see me.” Well, you do see yourself as some others see you. In other words, everybody sees you a little differently depending on where they’re vibrating. A connected one thinks you’re magnificent. A not connected one doesn’t think you’re so magnificent — but it doesn’t have anything to do with you. It has to do with where they’re vibrating as they are perceiving you. So here is a process. Some say it is a trick that works. It’s not a trick. It’s a utilization of the Laws of the Universe. Remember that your goal is to find an object of attention that makes you feel good...

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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