Friday, July 13, 2007

so deeply simple Our life begins and ends in the simple pleasure of existing. It is therefore important to cultivate this pleasure each day, in the simplest manner, as we accept to orient our choices according to what maintains our vitality. If anyone geniunely dared to use this scale of reference, an incredible stripping would take place in our lives--a painful stripping no doubt--since it would make us part with many habits, obligations, and routines. As a measuring instrument when I evaluate everything I do, I ask myslef what revives or lessens my pleasure for life, and this helps me to start behaving in favor of a positive change. We treat love like a fortunate accident that was bound to happen to us. As mentioned earlier, it is much like a lottery; but few people win a lottery. The lasting solution is not in this direction. We must rather seek to cultivate love within ourselves, independently of the couple's conditions. Then we may be able to offer something to our union and preserve it instead of forever making demands on it. How can something nourish us indefinitely if we do not care for it? At the core of any relationship, the issue is the investment each partner is prepared to make for the sake of saving the couple. The quality of the energies invested is very important. If we always give the couple our exhausted vitality, we will receive only fatigue and irritation in return. This is the challenge: to pass from a world where I am everything for the other and where the other is everything for me, to a world where I am happy that the other exists and where, finally, I am happy to exist. Sentimental love is a love of reactions and actions, totally marked by passion and jealousy....

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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