Sunday, September 23, 2007

enough justification "…You didn’t come to this world because it is broken and needs fixing. You come to this world because it is fantastic and you wanted to be here. But then, when you get here, when you start finding fault with parts of it that don’t please you, you sort of negate the balance that you knew would be here that you chose, to begin with. That’s why we want you to begin relaxing and allowing everything to be okay for a while. “Your work is to joyously choose thoughts, words and actions that feel good while you choose them. And you say, ‘Well, that doesn’t sound like enough justification for this life experience. How will I separate myself from the others? How will I stand out? How will I become the leader of the pack? How will I get the most stars on my charts? How will I excel?’ “The other day we asked a group, ‘Does it bother you that Source Energy adores 100% of your population? How do you feel about that?’ Source Energy adores — not just tolerates, not just allows — Source Energy adores 100% of the population. Some are irritated at the idea, because they’ve been working very hard to be virtuous and praiseworthy. And it’s irritating that those not working nearly as hard are still adored. “When you reach this place that it is all right with you, that everything is all right, then you have no reson ever again to lock off your signal. That doesn’t mean you don’t have preferences. But when you no longer are condemning, pushing against, negating or trying to remove something, then you’re no longer a vibrational match to any of that, and then only Well-being can be your experience. “Follow what you know to be true. If...
feeling good, feeling right, it's Saturday night... And now it's Sunday morning, bright and crisp, and I feel fabulous. Last night I invited a friend to dine with me at a small, local place that I had never been to but had read the menu posted outside - organic items caught my eye, and they have a coupon in the area Entertainment book. So last night was the night to experience this place. Oh. my. god. it was incredible. The decor is sort of funky modern retro - old photos of Marvin Gaye and the young Steve McQueen and Goldie Hahn amidst the old tin squares on the ceiling painted a frosty grey/gold, an antelope skull above a faux mantle, pale blue walls. Beautiful dishes and silver on the table. A cute Rob Lowe look-alike for a waiter. A sample of bruschetta brought to the table, just because. Fried brie with Michigan cherry dipping sauce for an appetizer. Sea scallops with squash and some kind of heavenly spinach concoction painted on a rectangular white plate. Dessert was raspberry and mint sorbet - the flavor explosion of those two intensities mixed together - well, it now resides among the pantheon of sensory sensations that rock my world, like the guava body butter that makes my eyes roll back in my head..... Then we grabbed some lawn chairs and walked down to the members-only lake access near my friend's house and watched a beautiful sunset. A neighbor dog was swimming and kept coming over to us and splashing us as he swished the water off his body. Another dog on a nearby dock kept jumping into the lake - maybe 18 times, one after another. Feeling his joy made me laugh each time. Then some top shelf TLC, and dreaming. Dreaming is a very good sign - of relaxing,...

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