Wednesday, September 26, 2007

locked on, locked off You can’t take a subject and just because it’s important, get Law of Attraction to respond to you differently. If you feel bad, you’re locked off of your signal, which means everything you want is now being jeopardized because you are choosing a topic and you say, “Well, it’s really, really an important topic,” and we say, well, it surely must be because you’re giving up life force, you’re giving up clarity, you’re giving up health now and [in the] future, you’re giving up your bodily conditions functioning properly, you’re giving up the mate that you’re wanting to attract, you’re giving up the dollars. You’re giving up every single thing - for this moment in time, not forever. But for as long as you’re choosing this “important topic,” you are holding yourself apart from what you want. And it’s not any [one] moment that is so important, it’s that you develop such habits and patterns of doing that. You get whole philosophies built around it - you call it “the sacrificing servant.” You call it “the willingness to be there for a friend.” You call it “tough love.” You call it all kinds of virtuous, good-sounding things, and we call it *locked off*. -- Abraham - Detroit, MI, 6/30/01 ************************** This thing you deem as being worthy of your time and energy - is it really? Does it serve you? Does it call you or repel you? Are you replenished by it? Then your thoughts around it are not accurate. Do something about that.

Deb Schanilec

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