Saturday, September 29, 2007

boats get rocked A friend of mine told me that I had been in a dream of hers. We were in her studio, the one that she's outfitted and arranged in real life but hasn't quite christened yet with her creative impulses, and I was encouraging her to smear fingerpaint on the walls. Her daughter was showing her how easy it was, dancing to some inspired music while she expressed herself with the paint. I smiled knowingly at both of them, egging my friend on to join in. That's exactly how I see myself, I said after the telling, someone who holds the space for others to step into who they really are. But it wasn't always like this. I used to think that the actions I might take in the direction of attaining a dream or the life I wanted would never accumulate to any noticeable critical mass. I've since shown myself, over and over again, that that is faulty reasoning. For decades, I had so successfully supressed my emotions that I didn't know what they were in any given moment, were you to ask me to identify them. I've since reclaimed my feelings and the guidance they provide, to the point that they often register on my radar in very subtle but profound ways. I used to think that the talents and gifts I was born with were of no value to anyone. I've since discovered that there are people out there looking for what I have to offer, and the world would be a lesser place for everyone if I were to choose not to. These realizations, and my friend's dream, are all uppermost in my mind because of a recent conversation in which awareness almost slapped me across the face. Another person had been peppering the discussion with statements...

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