Monday, October 08, 2007

play a bigger game Someone said to us recently, “Abraham, it's hard, you know,” he said, “to do what you teach. Because we live in a world where there is so much negative stuff.” He says, ” I’m bombarded by it, even in my workplace.” He said, “I have to play their game. If I don’t, then I will feel fearful. Because if I don’t play their game, then they might not like me, or ..." He gave a whole list of things that might happen under those conditions and we said, just join a bigger arena. Play a bigger game. Play with the Laws of the Universe rather than the laws that have come about from people who are disconnected. Do you know that every law on your books, whether it is a religious law or a secular law, without exception, has come forth from those who are disconnected? Those who are feeling guarded and vulnerable. They are the ones that enact the laws. So what we are saying is, just play in a bigger game. Let nothing be more important than that you feel good, and you will discover that the things which made you feel bad will not come forth much anymore. In other words, those old hurts, you really will leave behind you. ****************** Play a bigger game, indeed. I like that visual - me, standing in the middle of an empty football stadium, rather than in an empty sandbox. Both are empty cuz it's just me. This is all about me, me, me. No one else's thoughts are my concern. There is something freeing about standing in the stadium, in the middle of the immensity. Feeling guarded and vulnerable gets lost in the space, doesn't suck up the air all around, since there's infinity of air, of space, of...

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