Saturday, November 24, 2007

take it out of the equation We see so many who are playful in nature and who are abundantly receiving. And others who are working very hard and struggling very hard, would say “Something is really wrong with this.” Because they believe that the goods should be yielded only to those who struggle and suffer. And we say Law of Attraction bears that out. It’s the feeling of not enough time, or not enough space, or not enough money, or not enough worthiness, or not enough value, not enough something THAT HOLDS YOU IN A VIBRATION THAT KEEPS YOU FROM LETTING IN THE WELL BEING THAT YOU SO MUCH WANT AND DESERVE. But we promise you, it is not about time. It’s not about age. It’s not about not getting it done in time. IT’S ONLY USING TIME OR AGE AS YOUR TEMPORARY, IN-THIS-MOMENT EXCUSE TO NOT ALLOW IN THE FOCUS, OR THE CLARITY, OR THE FULL RECEPTION OF WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU ARE WANTING. We have been talking about shortage from the human vantage point for a while - not enough money, or not enoughness which is just that vibration of focusing upon What Is INSTEAD OF ON WHAT IS WANTED. And we have been saying, if you could take money out of the equation. IF YOU COULD JUST FOCUS UPON THE EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO HAVE, or the life you want to have, or the life or experience within the car, or within the home, or within the relationship. IF YOU COULD FOCUS UPON THE ESSENCE OF WHAT YOU WANT - rather than the dollars, which are the means in which it will come. As you take dollars out of the equation, you will then allow the Universe to yield to you profoundly and quickly in ways not expressed before. And now we...

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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