Friday, November 02, 2007

a new me I've been transformed recently. I decided to don a wig, on a semi-permanent basis, and it's turned out to be a very pleasant experience. My motivation was at first to cover up the dreadful, painful period of time it would take for me to grow out my natural hair, and see where that took me. The germination of this idea includes having tried on a wig at a friend's house and seeing how I could be transformed by color and style and shape. That image never left me, and played a pivotal role in my current adventure. I went to a cosmetic supply shop that I'd been eyeing for quite some time, that had wigs displayed in the window. The woman who owns the place was very sweet and helpful and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or her. She said I am the only person that's ever come into her shop that could wear all the wigs that I tried on, and I tried on at least a dozen, and almost every one looked crazy cool on me for one reason or another. Something about my coloring and how it matched the auburn-ness to varying degrees in the different wigs. But there was one I kept coming back to. The style, the color, how it made me feel when I put it on, was all amazing. This is not your mama's wig, either. I've had people who I work with everyday tell me that they assumed I was someone they didn't know, the first time they saw me with it on, and that it was natural. It doesn't itch and it doesn't look like a dead rat. Crazy, man. All the times in the past that I HAVE tried to grow out my hair, I wanted it...

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