Saturday, December 08, 2007

it is possible But the hatred goes beyond the maintenance of a simple power to exploit: These people were and are hated for their true difference, for reminding us that our way of living, which we have declared to be the One True Way, is not in fact the only way to live. It is possible to live without capitalism. It is possible to live without the huge gaps between rich and poor, without the sweat of the many providing comforts for the few. It is possible to live without science. It is possible to live without destroying the planet. It is possible to live without penitentiaries. It is possible to live without slavery. It is possbile to live without rape. It is possible to live without child abuse. There have existed cultures without any of these. Derrick Jensen ************ It is possible to live. Nay, it's more likely one will thrive. Without the plastic "learning", the breakdown of family bonds, the handing over of the right to think independently produced by organized factory schooling. Without the physical addiction to television that wastes so many cumulative moments, the ability to pursue dreams, in one's lifetime, not to mention the normalization of consumerism, violence, sexism, and racism. Without the arrogance and ignorance inherent in allopathic medicine. Without the derision of peers for doing things differently. Because we'd all be doing what makes our hearts sing, and allowing, perhaps even requiring, each other to be who we really are, for the betterment of all concerned.

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