Saturday, February 02, 2008

Joan again Was this a decision, a choice? In some sense, yes. It was predicated entirely on the notion of choice. And yet, despite all my best efforts, somehow this choice was not available until the moment when it actually was. In the deepest sense, it happened by itself. The person who appears to be choosing this or that is a disguise, a costume, a mask behind and through which Consciousness operates. When "you" believe in the reality of the disguise and lose sight of who is pinching who, then "you" enjoy the Divine Drama: the struggle, the horror, the hope, the advances and the setbacks, the whole apparent adventure, including the whole fascinating quandary of whether or not "you" are free to choose. When it is seen ( buy no one) that there is no one behind the mask, then the pincher and the pinched dissolve together. The hand moves away effortlessly. The dilemma evaporates. Or maybe the pinch continues. After all, not every flower blooms, and only in the mirage of personal identity does this appear tragic. Consciousness (or God) has an interest, it seems, in experiencing absolutely everything; even failure, even addiction, even the holocaust. Unconditional love embraces it all, just as it is. ...Gradually the mind was being forced into a corner, and it was begin seen that liberation had nothing to do with improvement. That dream of getting control at last and finally triumphing is the Last Big Hope, the final disappointment. We no longer believe that a million dollars or an academy award will bring us lasting peace and happiness, but we still imagine that our ersatz version of enlightenment will. We're still taking the phenomenal dream and the "me" character to be real. We've switched from a worldly movie to a spiritual one, but we're...

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