Monday, February 25, 2008

rewind I just woke up from another one of those dreams. I’m in Rome. I’m on a break of some sort and have made plans to travel somewhere. I’m with several people I know and we are about to get started on a trip together. But all of a sudden they’ve headed off without me. I discover as I attempt to catch up with them, thinking I know the general direction in which we were all to go, that I am missing several basic pieces of travel paraphenalia - passport, cellphone, credit card, umbrella. I have a box that I’m tucking my few personal belongings inside. While I’m walking along, trying to get to where I think my friends will be, I consider just stopping and taking a break by myself. Fnding them now will be nearly impossible. Then I wake up. I have this dream now and then, variations on the same theme. I’m in Rome, I need to get somewhere, and I can’t get there because of some obstacle. I think it’s very interesting that this time dropping the obstacle is an option. The other dream I have on occasion is being in a teaching environment, and I can’t find my gradebook, or the seating chart, or no one will tell me where my classroom is, or the students are rowdy beyond control. My buddhist monk brother with a day job tells me that he has this kind of anxiety dream still as well, where he is on the submarine he rode around the world on for awhile in the Navy and things go wrong. I think dreams reflect where we are at any given time with our stuff, and I'm glad to see this shift, however minute it may seem. Next time I'd like to realize in the...

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