Thursday, February 14, 2008

who I really am Couldn’t concentrate worth a damn today. And it wasn’t because I was thinking about “him”. It was because I was thinking about “me”. This is it, right here, where I meet the mother of all limiting beliefs–-in relationship. Based on previous experience, (some) men leave, and it’s because of something that should change in me that makes that happen. Well, I know better now that yes, it is something in me that needs to change, but not to get them to stay, because obviously they weren’t who I am supposed to be with, that is clear. What needs to change is how fully I show up as who I really am. Period. Who I really am knows that there is no value in fear. Who I really am knows that should this not last, it was not meant to, and that my casting director is always busy lining up the rest of my life for me as we speak, tweaking and adjusting as I change and grow. Who I really am knows that “he” is practically craving that I show up that way on a soul level, tickled to death that he is honored to have such a fine partner to play with. Who I really am sees this opportunity and runs with it for all I’m worth, holding nothing back and leaving nothing out. Who I really am thinks this is about as much fun as a soul can possibly have. Who I really am understands the value of receiving this gift. Who I really am is delighted that I’m catching up to her with this experience, as she’s been eagerly anticipating this meeting of the soul-body-mind for a very long time. Who I really am sings the body electric.

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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