Tuesday, February 05, 2008

make more plans Be easy about it. Don't rush into things. Savor them more. Make more plans and be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you are making, and in all that you do, let your dominant intent be to find that which pleasures you as you imagine it. -- Abraham ********* This message is coming at me from all directions lately, and I'm paying attention. Really, I am. As I'm typing this, a really bright light is shining (lol!! I just got the irony of that) to my right in the form of a light therapy box. I bought it last week after reading about how it can help reset your circadian rhythms, of which mine are apparently are all out of whack. After four days of exposure to this light, I think I am seeing a difference in how I feel, especially in the late afternoons. So I'm going to keep it up, and see what happens. This tidbit from history has grabbed my delight bone and won't let go: Brock began bombarding the Americans inside the fort and fooled the Americans into believing there were more British than there actually were. For instance, soldiers were told to light individual fires, instead of one fire per unit, thereby creating the illusion of a much larger army. The British troops were marched in plain sight of the American side, then quickly marched off and ducked behind entrenchments, where they would join the front of the line again. The same was done for meals, where the line would dump their beans into a hidden pot, then walk to the front to pick them up again where they could be seen. To the observing U.S. forces, it looked like long lines of troops were waiting just out of their sight. He also...

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