Thursday, February 14, 2008

celebration Holy crap. My first time out of the marketing copy chute, with my urging and knowing I recommended some messaging for our flagship product’s cover for next year - the company I work for makes coupon books, in case you were wondering - four little words on the cover, but what’s more important behind that is the process and the intention to affect what goes into decision-making for this kind of thing. Anyway, the concepts were mocked up, and that’s what my coworkers and I held up high last month at the sales convention for the field reps to vote on. There was a clear winner, and then messaging became an issue when Legal got a hold of it. They were concerned that it was too similar to Walmart’s or Target’s tag lines, and sent the concepts out to counsel specializing in that kind of thing. I let go of it then, thinking that it would die the death of many a great marketing idea. However, last night I learned that it came back with a green light. It’s a go! ---- ----. -- ----. Four little words that I can't say out loud yet, but they mean so much to me. Not in terms of our product - it’s great if people buy the book and use the coupons and save money - but in terms of attitude and outlook from an energetic perspective. I’d like to think that energy will infiltrate each person’s personal space and change them for the better. That’s what I wanted it to do when I made the suggestions. But we’ll keep that our little secret here. This phrase will be touching a few million people’s lives in a few months… I went to Whole Foods and bought myself a dark chocolate with ginger...

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