Monday, August 04, 2008

relax more, clench less More clarity around what kind of marketing I want to be involved with lately. And we are looking for a chief marketing officer, something we haven’t had in several years. For awhile we had the guy who got Gogurt on the dairy case shelf, but he didn’t do much with us and moved on. So this situation reminds me of when I was in my last teaching gig, working for a principal who was just not up to the task. Morale had deteriorated so badly that the district appointed a new one, called us all together to announce the change in command, walked the old one out, and introduced the new one, all in the same meeting. And he was a godsend. He was into reform and so was I, he knew how to treat people, and he led us as a group through the process of being the district’s guinea pig for a huge reform initiative. I got to teach four classes and spend two other class periods supporting that transformation on the staff side. I didn’t get to participate in the final product as that’s when I had Little Man and acquiesced to moving to Detroit with my ex, but those were heady times. So I’m feeling like there are parallels here with a new marketing leader coming on board. I, and many others who have wanted positive change, have been sitting tight, and it just feels like the same possibilities for doing so much more are on the horizon. There’s a vision out there that’s gathering momentum in someone’s vibrational escrow, maybe mine, I don’t know, but if not, someone else’s, and it’s scanning for the vibes that match it and we’ll hook up in that stream at some point down the road. Just like there’s been...

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