Tuesday, May 05, 2009

form and shape your substance Someone recommended the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth to me the other day, and I picked it up in a store whose owner stashes his own, dog-earred copy under the counter. He asked me what a blissmonger was. I said, "Blissmongers are folks who understand how positive thinking pays off in enhanced physical and emotional well-being, and they find a way to do it more often than not." He seemed taken aback a bit, and stumbled on articulating how difficult it is to maintain a positive outlook. This surprised me even more when I got to the following passage of this book: "When you are in charge of your mind, in the consciousness of oneness with the creative flow, when you are working with life itself instead of against it, when you are positive and loving and secure in the conviction of Truth, then you are under the “white cloud” (Psalm 91 calls it “the shadow of the Almighty”). In this consciousness, syntropy does its work: parking spaces open up for you; stocks go up as you buy; dishonest people are fair in their dealings with you; jobs appear; promotions come. It would appear that you are living a “charmed life.” Actually, it is nothing more or less than consciousness out-forming itself. And when you maintain an optimistic view toward conditions in the world and are incurably “bullish” toward the economy in general, regardless of what the economic “gloom casters” may be saying, then you carry your while cloud of syntropy out into the world. You become a positive and highly contagious influence for a condition of general prosperity. In a very real sense, you make a difference! Remember, your fortune, your personal success, and your prosperity are not in the hands of some “fickle finger of fate”—nor are...

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