Saturday, July 11, 2009

living on our own terms I've bumped into this phrase, "living on their own terms", in a few disparate places during the past few days. One was a television tribute to Farrah Fawcett, in which Barbara Walters admired her subject for living on her own terms. I don't remember that aspect of Farrah's life being as culturally transmitted as some others, and was pleased to be (re)introduced to it after her transition. Another is the blog I bumped into today, whose owner is currently dedicated to the notion of people liberating themselves through living on their own terms. I used to be a revolutionary kind of girl, wanting current structures to be disposed of so new ones could take their places. I get now that that methodology doesn't work efficiently. Nothing needs to come tumbling down. That's just pushing-against and resistance operating at frequencies that I don't need to be around. What makes sense to me now is allowing what doesn't work to discombobulate of its own accord, while I focus my attention on what I'd rather be being/doing/having. A reframe worth cultivating. One that doesn't promote dis-ease such as the likes that Farrah endured at the end of her life. If this reframe were harnessed by a critical mass of people on the planet, entire new cultural shifts would spontaneously invent themselves in the energy released from paying attention to all the insignificant dramas that are perpetuated around the globe. I can envision millions of people turning their heads away from their television sets and choose to invest their time in something else. Can you? ~*~*~ COMMENT: (still not able to comment on my posts) Randal, no, I was not dissing Farrah. I highly admire her ability to live her own life on her terms. Someday science will focus on the underlying cause of...

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