Monday, August 17, 2009

Eleanor and Mike I'm watching a video of an interview of Eleanor Roosevelt by an incredibly young Mike Wallace, a lit cigarette in hand, often endorsed by him during the program--bizarre. Eleanor was 74 when this interview was broadcast back in 1957, and Mike was interested in her opinion of whether or not fear is really our greatest enemy in the face of the threat of Communism. She said that we do have something to fear, the fact that the Soviets had an objective, had built a policy around it that stretched far out into the future, and we had no such future objective for the world around which we were building policy. She also stated that the presidential candidate possibilities for leadership in our nation at that time were few and far between because of a lack of conviction, a vision, a reason for doing what we are about. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Half a century later we are still grappling with the results of a lack of conviction and guiding vision for why we do what we are about as a people, as humanity, other than accumulating power and cash. At one point Eleanor shared, "I feel quite sure that what the American people lack is knowledge. I feel quite sure that the American people, if they have knowledge and leadership, can meet any crisis just as well as they met it over and over again in the past. I have complete faith in the American people's ability if they know, and if they have leadership. No one can move without some leadership." Well, we have the knowledge deep inside us. We know that what passes for reasons to focus attention in our culture will never give us what we hope they will--the restored sense...

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