Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, Papa Seth, you hit it outta the ballpark this morning Oh, Papa Seth, you hit it outta the ballpark this morning. You helped me see the weeds for what they are once again. You delineate what’s about to go down in the world of higher education, which in your estimation is at a crossroads, or at least, there are those in the industry who might could be awake to the fact that there is a crossroads coming their way. Like the one that “blindsided” that pesky newspaper business, as you most aptly point out. Or the musket makers. Or the stage coach companies. Or the train systems. Or the music companies. We could go on, no? So the decisions that the upper echelons of systems that promote hoop jumping of any educational kind could make fall between these three polarities: *Should this be scarce or abundant? *Should this be free or expensive? *Should this be about school/[hoops] or about learning/[empowerment-brackets mine]? Hmmm…these choices sound vaguely familiar. Could a certain combination of those decisions be the very issues that keep institutions of any kind in business, and our culture perpetually mired in clever distractions that do their best to reduce us all to less than we could be? Perceptions of scarcity, expense and hoops—that way lies what we’ve got. Abundance, free, and empowerment—that way lies, what? Some of us are so afraid to find out, we won’t even consider going there, even in our heads. My question is, could it really be any worse than the status quo? Let’s see. Scarcity, expense and hoops means prisons, rehab programs and therapists’ offices all filled to overflowing. I say we’re already experiencing hell on earth. There oughta be a version of The Secret that includes traditional medicine, the food industry, organized religion and lack-based marketing when describing what knowledge gets deemed unsharable by...
There is not enough action available to compensate for misaligned thought There is not enough action available to compensate for misaligned thought. --Abraham-Hicks: Money, and the Law of Attraction I'm a fan of Abraham-Hicks, Byron Katie and Ferris Bueller, the trinity of personal growth in my brain. They each offer their distinct flavor of inspiration and relief and reinvigoration of living for me, and I appreciate the heck out them. I've been noticing a pattern in my thoughts that I'm declaring to ditch, or replace with something else, another kind of pattern that serves me rather than locks in the staleness. That would be misaligned thought, or strands of thought that because they are so practiced, they slip out into the neuropathways unbidden and unwelcome, but oh so familiar. The patterns I want to release to the ethers to be activated no more are reactivity to what others might say or do, judgment of what myself and others might say or do, and the ever popular "oh my god, what would that mean if I actually did that?". I want to make these thought processes conscious and transparent so I can see them for what they are--noise--diffuse the intensity around them, and substitute a different story. This is called the immersion method of transformation. Learning a foreign language in this way reduces the amount of time it takes to actually speak and hear and maybe even write in a lexicon other than your mother tongue. I propose to immerse myself in awareness of what thoughts are running me, cancel and delete them whenever possible, and rewrite my story according to how I want it to be, thus reducing the amount of time I am stuck with what I've manifested thus far. Which isn't all pain and dreariness, I should clarify. I'm just wanting to claim the rest of my birthright. I've...

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