Tuesday, January 19, 2010

shun faux reassurance No, everything is not going to be okay. It never is. It isn't okay now. Change, by definition, changes things. It makes some things better and some things worse. But everything is never okay. Finding the bravery to shun faux reassurance is a critical step in producing important change. Once you free yourself from the need for perfect acceptance, it's a lot easier to launch work that matters. ~Seth Godin ~*~*~ God, I love how this man thinks. Everything is not going to be OK. Have you noticed? Since the beginning of human existence as we know it--and there is much more that we don't know, but that's another discussion--nothing has been OK. Ever. But it's been an amazing ride, hasn't it? Large predators. The elements. The invention of, and subsequent slavery to, the clock. Inhuman treatment of endless varieties, towards others and towards ourselves. The notion that knowledge can be partitioned and gated by third party hoops of many varieties--spiritual, academic, medicinal, etc. And that's just counting up to the Middle Ages. Somehow at critical junctures, the human being has found a way to conceive, produce and integrate change into the environment in spite of the profound forces constantly dogging our very survival. These days, the only thing in the way of our survival is changing our minds. The technology and the vision to make life on this planet the heaven on earth of lore is available in our collective citizenry and consciousness. And yet, we often don't choose to go there. Which is insane on so many levels. Some of us continue looking for the faux assurances that we've been bred to believe exist that will make change palatable. Ain't gonna happen. Some of us dissect the false logic of those faux assurances. Some of us detect the...

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