Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rant I would imagine nearly everywhere on the continental U.S. the ice has melted on lakes and ponds near you, allowing the liquid version of H2O to shine through once again. I wish this wholeheartedly for the culture one day. The true liquid, fluid version of all of us to shine through once again. <rant> This morning I was physically unable to sit through an in-service day at the school district where I work. Over the past 20 years or so I've done the research, and I know why and how organized schooling made its way to this country during the Industrial Revolution, and I know why and how the system serves an agenda not of its compulsory users but of those who do everything in their power to perpetuate it. Because nearly everyone experiences schooling of some kind in this culture, it's difficult for most to imagine learning going on without it. There aren't any alternatives to compulsory attendance in buildings where only similarly aged children are boxed into rooms where the magic is supposed to happen, hour by hour, buzzer by ringing buzzer, that are seriously considered or spoken of with much respect. Isn't that interesting? I've sat through countless in-service days in which very well-intentioned presenters and well-intentioned attendees discuss some "fix" that will address the needs of their students, or themselves for that matter. Schooling affects the adults in those buildings just as much as it does the children in them. But today, I just couldn't do it anymore. I was prepared to defend my stand and say that when the powers that be are ready to come to the table and talk about what's really going on, I'll hang around. I just couldn't stomach knowing about the skyscraper in the room and not have it be...

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