Tuesday, July 27, 2010

burrs and slime on the horizon http://www.geograph.org.uk/ So I’ve been thinking. Which can be dangerous, for a few reasons. But ’ve been thinking. This contrast that I’m aware of, this bog of burrs and slime, it might just be a very good thing, an indicator of how things have shifted energetically and that instead of having a set point of overwhelm, doubt or worry on certain things, I’m merely irritated, frustrated and impatient now. And this irritation is a big change from the worry/doubt/overwhelm vibe. It’s different, and it’s in my awareness so I notice it more, for the moment. So that’s my new story and I’m sticking to it. I’ve done the work and I’ve moved. I’ve chosen a better feeling thought often enough over the last good long while that the law of attraction is bringing me different thoughts now that match the new vibe instead. It feels different, and pretty soon it will feel normal, and then I’ll move on again. As for all the blissmongering I’ve done over the past few years, that conscious work has contributed mightily to this shift. And just because I can’t maintain it every single minute doesn’t detract from who I’ve been able to be before, or who I’ll be able to be in the future. The only way there’s a downside is if I allow myself to get discouraged about being human, and give up. If I choose to cut off the supply of good feeling stuff out of despair, then I lose. And that ain’t happenin’. For one thing, it’s not true, this assumption that things won’t get better. My resistance-ridden ego would like for me to think that way, but I’ve proven to myself that it’s not true. Falling back on my conditioned, learned, even socially encouraged way of thinking is certainly an option....

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