Tuesday, August 03, 2010

the little job that could I don't know when the perfect opportunity for an abundance of dollars to flow to me will show up. But I do know that it is going to arrive. I don't know who is looking for the amazing package of skills, abilities, propensities, talents and interests that is the sum total of who I've been in the past as well as that of who I am becoming. But I do know they are out there, wanting to find me. I don't know how our paths will cross, what serendipitous meeting will introduce us to each other, what synchronicity will bring us within vibrational earshot of each other. But I do know it will happen. I don't know where this excellent gathering of people with whom I will be working will be located. But I do know they are fun, positive, outside-the-box thinkers who revel in their work and in embracing what's next. I don't know if the situation exists at the moment. But I do know it will involve documenting processes that haven't been. It will involve identifying what's missing and being empowered to fill that gap with the best knowable solution. It will involve developing relationships with people, being authentic with them and enjoying the trust those relationships are built upon. It will involve understanding what is needed by the customer and delivering it as soon as possible. It will involve knowing how to explain something to someone so they get it quickly and easily. It will involve being responsible for me and no one else. It will involve creating written communication that gets the message across effectively and efficiently, and with great humor. It will involve being given something new to learn. It will involve an enlightened perspective on seat time and the work day. It will involve...

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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