Tuesday, August 24, 2010

like coins in an empty Altoids tin Yesterday there was a distinct clamoring going on in my head, a definite yammering of epic proportions. It almost literally felt and sounded like the rattling of coins being shaken inside an Altoids tin. The offending objects were thoughts that don’t serve me. Nothing of any import or note, but they were so offensive that they were immediately identified and a spotlight of sorts shown on them for the gremlins that they are. I was literally bored and disgusted with them and couldn’t understand why they were still hanging around after a moment or two of repeating them in my head. Of course I know why–I’ve repeated and indulged in that kind of gossipy, mundane, he-said/she-said kind of thought so many times in the decades I’ve been alive that my casting director had no choice but to fling some more my way. I am thrilled to consider that this shift in my awareness will signal a shift as well in what is available for me to think now. Less and less trash, more and more substance. Baby steps in that direction accumulate to critical mass. Then later in the day I was considering a situation and felt unease around it and again was brought to awareness of what the heck I was doing. I waited it out and refocused on something else, and received manifestation this morning of that work. This is visceral evidence of thought as matter moving through me differently, and demonstrating the results. If there were a machine that could make that kind of xray, it would be astounding for folks to be able to witness their own alignment, or misalignment, and then proceed from there as they saw fit. I wonder how many would want to know? Would you?

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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