Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have to want it, and believe it? Your desire is strong enough, even amidst all that chronic resistance, you still squeak a dream out now and then. While you're asleep you're not resistant. So what you really want and what you really know can often come about in your dreamscape because you're not in there cutting it off at the knees...You've got desires that you're canceling, desires that you're canceling, desires that you're canceling, and when you stop doing that thing that you do as you've learned about pessimism, then you don't let your dream flourish in the way that it would if you'd just stop doing that thing you do. You claim you are, but you're not exploring every avenue to make it happen because you're still willing to harbor negative thoughts that keep shooting it in the foot. You want it, but it feels like too big of a price to pay--"I have to get happy too? I have to be optimistic, too? I have to have positive expectation, too? Isn't it enough to just want it? I have to want it, and believe it?" Yes. When you argue for your limitations, you get out "there" where the solutions aren't. When you argue for your alignment you get in "here", where the solutions and paths are. Every big thing that's ever happened was dreamed by someone, and the ones that allowed themselves to dream it even in the absence of "evidence" were the ones who found it. ~Abraham, May 2009 ~*~*~ Still willing to harbor negative thoughts. Still willing to buy into the appropriateness of hip cynicism. Still willing to jump to conclusions whose validity you haven't examined for decades. Still willing to give more credence to the past than the present. Still willing to accept that life is supposed to suck. Still willing to...

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