Saturday, November 27, 2010

clean start This is what we woke up to this morning. Beautiful, pure, soul-soothing. It feels like how New Year's Day feels. Clean. A fresh start. Until we break our resolutions. I imagine that soon there will be talk of coming up with 2011 resolutions all over the popular media. Well, here's a list that I think are worthy of the time one might spend thinking about that topic: 10 Reasons to Face and Embrace Your Shadow I know. Not exactly what you were expecting. But everything in the world that we might point fingers at or blame or groove on outrage about stems from individual and group shadow dance. Someone's sucky childhood grew them into the pain-ridden adult who makes the kinds of choices they make that, while they may bring pain to others, bring them immense relief from the torment inside. So I recommend we start trying something new in the arena of making changes. Let's start on that inside job that makes a difference. And then pass it on. *1. Wake up from the spell of your ignorance, delusions and projections. All of that is a lie that our egos contrive and the culture corroborates with to keep us hopelessly mired in thinking about what's wrong with us and looking in vain for what might fix us, instead of thinking about things that we want to do, and then doing them. *2. Release huge amounts of energy that you otherwise expend to keep your shameful parts hidden. It's exhausting, this pretense-keeping. Your body makes you slow down with illness to get a rest from it, and only then do we get a glimpse at how much we tension we carry around every day. We poo-poo it, and that makes it all the more insidious. *3. Stop living in fear,...

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