Saturday, December 04, 2010

ours isn't noise I was talking to a colleague about all the noise out there in the world, all the messages, ads, announcements, pitches and friend requests. "And you're sending even more every day into that maelstrom." "No we're not," she said. "Ours isn't noise." Yes it is. ~Seth Godin, blog post 11/27/2010 ~*~*~ First, I love that Seth can say this about himself. Because he doesn't take this stuff personally, he can do that. He's part of the solution of awareness, not the problem of obfuscation. Second, this is part of what's kept me from posting here for awhile. I've felt like there isn't anything worth saying again that I haven't already said. Let's just go out and live it, shall we? But there is a tad of resistance in that reasoning. And it doesn't feel good. Sort of what is going on in the photo above. And of course I know that as humans, we need constant reminders about what it is we've consciously chosen to surround ourselves with, including our thoughts. Because we forget what it was that was so important. We forget, and lapse into our old habits. It's what we do. Until we don't. So I post today with renewed bemusement about being part of the noise out there, wanting to be part of the silience and knowing that day is coming. The day when we revert to silince for recharging rather than the noise. Awareness rather than obfuscation. Getting quiet instead of acting out. For some, that is where the relief is right now. And that's OK. We are all one. We are eternal. We are fine.

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