Friday, December 17, 2010

Just One Thing (from here on out affectionately referred to as JOT) Day 1 So this is it. My enthusiasm and decisiveness have reached critical mass at the same time, and so I'm launching a project that I'm fascinated by and a little leary of all at the same time. Which is good. Perfect, in fact. One should not begin a process of change that one feels totally relaxed about. Safety brings complacency and boredom to the table, eventually leading to premature retirement syndrome: it just doesn't go anywhere. It takes some good old fashioned resistance and occasional jolts of fear to make an effort like this recognizable to the ego, and then the real challenge commences. And just to round out the personas accounted for, this endeavor has momentum and energy behind it that has been building for quite some time, unbeknownst to my conscious awareness until last week. The timing of it all is a bit puzzling though, since I normally do not indulge in the whole resolution setting debacle at year's end, or beginning for that matter, so I'm not waiting until January 1 to start. I'm starting today with the Just One Thing initiative. Just One Thing, as in pick something and let yourself surrender to the process of moving towards it and enjoying the feeling of the adventure along the way. Just one thing, and then do just one thing every day that puts you one infinitesimal step closer towards attaining it. Not 43. Not a handful. Just one. And allow the babystep accumulation to sweep you over the top of your goal, which might very well morph and molt and be something totally different by the time you come up for air. The goal is really beside the point. Doesn't matter what it is. Losing weight. Dropping the smoking habit. Exercising. Eating better. Cooking more meals at home,...

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