Thursday, December 23, 2010

JOT 2,3 - The Follow Through Let's see--I think I'll first list what it was that I did, and then any processing or insights that come along. Yeah, that sounds good. Yesterday was day 2 of this adventure, and I had the opportunity to research on the computer for several hours on what it takes to register a small biz in the state I find myself in these days. And I signed up for access to some video and content that will jumpstart by small biz in sales, building lists and creating content that sells. At first I was going to name this thing I'm doing Twenty Minutes a Day, but the time thing wasn't in the spirit of how I am approaching this, so hitching my enthusiasm to just one thing, a babystep that I could complete on its own or continue with a long as it felt good, felt like the way to go. Today, day 3, I'm going to read a bit more in the public speaking books I've gotten so much great energy from. The holidays present even more of a challenge in terms of making the time to do what it is you've said you want to do for yourself. Family and friends clamor for your presence, and it's easy to just give up on doing something in the direction of where you are going. So I'm going to hold the space for effortless slots of time showing up for me to be able to do just one thing over the next week when my family will be around 24/7, and report on how that went. It will require some discipline and resolve and some unaccustomed "selfishness", which has an entirely different connotation to it in Abraham vernacular. Unless we decide to do what is important to us, we learn to...

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