Monday, January 24, 2011

JOT Day 31, 32 - If we only knew how From A Blog of Joy and Disquiet, an excellent post entitled New Year's Re-Conclusions: "I realize that each of us is doing the best we know how in any given moment. I can see the minds of others - as well as my own - when stuck in stories and know that until they're questioned, our stories keep us locked in beliefs and behaviors that we'd let go of if we knew how." This morning when I woke up in paradise, I was also in another state of consciousness, or new mindset. It just wasn't having any of the meanderings I might usually do in the stories that are carry-overs from pre-awareness days. It just wasn't having any. "You there, you rogue thought--we've had enough of you and your neuropathway rut maintaining. We're only about building new pathways up in here, so stop in your tracks and go back from whence you came." This sort of thinking has occurred before, but not as emphatic nor as confident and assured. It felt a bit weird, but now after a few hours it's integrating nicely. Seems to me that that wanting to know how to let go of stuff is accomplished just like everything else that we master--a little bit at a time, with lots of practice and room for monitoring and adjusting, and support from other like-minded folks. That last one isn't mandatory, but it sure moves the process along when we don't think we are alone in our endeavors. I've been reading about the stories we tell ourselves about money, and new stories that we can tell ourselves about it from a different vantage point, one that's more empowering, more creative, and a heck of a lot more fun. I'm fairly certain that this new mindset experience of mine this...

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