Saturday, January 29, 2011

JOT Day 40, 41 - Monsters are created I started using my favorite mind-mapping tools--post-it notes and large paper--to block out the pages of my new website. Knowing what to put on the pages based on what people are searching for is very empowering. And I get to express my creative side with a look and feel that works for me. Win-win-win. So eventually this website will become defunct or something. Maybe. Haven't decided yet about keeping up with the blog or not. Time management realities will make that decision. Watched the first half of Amadeus last night, as much as we could handle before nodding off in front of the tv from vacation recuperation. What struck me this time is the debilitating comparison that Saliere made between himself and Mozart that could only lead to one conclusion--self-loathing and projection of that intense emotion onto someone else. And he ends up in an insane asylum because of his grief--granted off to himself in a private room, but in an insane asylum none-the-less. Mozart on the other hand knows he deserves every good thing. I have a feeling he would feel that way even if he weren't the best at what he did, which would have made him that way anyway. I'm guessing that his relationship with his stern father heavily influenced his precociousness--can't have all that flaunting and no real appreciation without consequences. Monsters are created. A few days ago I watched The Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Lovely story of one man's journey of finding himself and seeing where his life leads without him steering it. His equanimity was so soothing. Highly recommended.

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