Friday, February 11, 2011

JOT Day 51 - Spiders aren't just for breakfast anymore Since I completed my homepage and my first tier 2 page on my new site, I could submit them today to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines through my SBI account, and now the spiders can start doing their thing. This is where I need to remember not to focus on the numbers. Just like with paying attention the stock market fluctuations every day, or hopping on the scale every morning, obsessing on minute web traffic movement will drive you insane. It's the babysteps of the present economic system, or your body's ability to metabolize energy and use it up as fuel, or usage on the net over time that wins. I'm also noticing more new thoughts going through my head that I didn't have access to before, meaning they would have felt preposterous. But now that I've practiced thinking more and more thoughts in their essence range, i.e. hopeful and eager rather than doubtful and brooding, my neuropathways are branching out in these new ruts and more thoughts like them can show up because of this mind power flypaper. It's exciting and empowering and full of possibilities all that rah-rah stuff, but the bottom line is, I feel great. I'm experiencing steady and increasing relief from the self-talk loops that have played in my mind for decades and are now just as steadily losing their foothold. I've got relief from what used to keep me up at night. I've stopped wasting my time and energy and finally found the solutions I was looking for. I focus on what works and I see real, lasting results that build over time. And that is one big bag of chips.

Deb Schanilec

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