Saturday, February 19, 2011

JOT Day 61, 62, 63 - War on fear Nothing like a bout with vague flu-like symptoms to slow you down when you're doing too much. So I haven't been doing much along JOT lines during these slow-down-and-recuperate days. But I have been being Jot-like. I've been noticing where my thoughts begin to flirt with limiting beliefs and rather than pick them up, I allow them to pass by on the screen of my mind and not take up the hook of credibility. Because they aren't true, any of those thoughts. We believe lies, and because we believe them, we give them free access to our brains. Not a wise career move on our part. And we don't ask for help, believing another lie that we are to persevere and conquer whatever is in our path by sheer will. Pure baloney. Certainly there are aspects of what we do that require our individual attention and action. Bu collaboration could be powering the remainder of our energy and time investments with pay-offs a million-fold stronger and more impactful than what we might be able to accomplish on our own. This was powerfully demonstrated in the film The King's Speech. He fought getting help from the one person who could provide what he needed, until he didn't have a choice. And then the magic happened. Just think how much more magic there would be in the world were we able to get over our fears. How about a war on fear? Or better yet and more energetically aligned, a focus on embracing what's real? There are still millions to be made in that arena. Unless you believe the lie.

Deb Schanilec

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