Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JOT Day 64, 65, 66 - Regardless of our ethnic, religious, gender, or geographic origins OK, so maybe they weren't such vague flu-like symptoms. Maybe it was the flu after all. I haven't had the flu in ten years. Because ten years ago I changed my diet and stopped eating what was making me sick. But since I am a simple human, I have been backtracking, back-sliding, back-pedalling slow-w-w-w-ly over the past few months, until here I am, with the incontrovertible evidence. Immune system compromised. Bam. At least I know what to do about it now. It took me 40 years of listening to modern medicine and getting nowhere but sicker fast, but I learned. And now I pass that information on to those who are interested. If you are a bit of a left-brained geek like me--I am whip-lashed from the left- to the right-brained part of me on a regular basis--the "facts" in this book might be of interest. I put quotes around "facts" because that is such a subjective term. There are facts erupting all over the planet all the time--some of them we as a species bump into and name and quantify and misinterpret, and some of them we just allow to be and they sustain us, regardless of our ethnic, religious, gender, or geographic origins. It's a no-brainer which approach is more effective when the effective set of "facts" is used as criteria. "The combination of white sugar and white rice...is lethal. The removal of the B vitamins, among others, from the rice causes imbalance, for as the body seeks what it lacks, more B vitamins are leeched from the system in order to digest the white rice. Refined white sugar leeches the same vitamins for the same reason. The combination of refined flour and refined sugar spells double trouble." ~Sugar Blues, by William Dufty Some of us are the...

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