Tuesday, March 08, 2011

JOT Day 74, 75 - Take the planet's evolution off of pause, and press play in your life Resistance is fueled by unexamined or unchallenged beliefs that aren't true. It's also fueled by putting other people's needs before your own. This is otherwise known as being a doormat. Another thing that keeps resistance in place is not honoring the requirements you have developed and are afraid to teach others so they will know how to treat the new you. Especially you--how to treat yourself differently. It's so much easier to keep the status quo in place. Or is it? The amount of energy it takes to hold a train-wreck waiting to happen in place is a thousand times more than letting it go and doing what you really want to do. Clarity is priceless. It takes away the smoke and mirrors of the foothold resistance thinks it has on you, and makes things very simple: you are holding on to beliefs that don't serve you and don't serve those around you, and it feels safer to stay small than it does to grow. So are you going to let yourself get away with that? It drives you crazy when you see it in your friends and family. Why should you be able to continue this slow poisoning of yourself? The price you pay for safety is too high. It robs you of your vitality, your income potential, your creative expression and your dignity. Cuz Resistance's cousin, Inner Critic, has field days with this stuff, doesn't she? it doesn't matter where those messages came from originally--it was either a family member or a religious authority figure or a teacher of somebody that needed to feel bigger than you in that moment. Or it's ancestral baggage that hasn't been processed for decades, and you're the lucky one who gets to deal with it for the family, since they aren't about...

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