Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The kitchen floor goes on and on I am living in a new space these days. And it contains a kitchen floor that goes on forever, a floor that is bigger than my previous two-bedroom apartment. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but not much. So the floor covers a lot of area, and thus needs to be attended to more often (one of the reasons I have not been a homeowner in the past, but I digress). And I am findiing myself obsessing about keeping it clean. I sweep it when there are stray blades of grass tracked in from outside or crumbs generously donated from our last meal. When there are drops of liquid streamed from glasses or cups or bowls, I've been whipping out the Trader Joe's spray cleaner and wiping them away. Like instantly. But I am driving myself crazy with this obsession, and I'm going to stop. Because I can't keep up with said obsession without going to a dark place populated with anxiety, and that's just not how I want my life to work. So I am cutting myself some slack, starting today. And I am going to do something about that which I am able to do something about, and that would be: my perception. Not the floor, but my perception. I am going to approach said floor as a beloved, appreciating its enormity and its ability to show where it needs some attention, rather than treat it with disdain and irritation for always being dirty. Because it's not. Not always. And it will also serve as an insiration to me to keep on keeping on with launching my business, so I can then afford to hire someone who will appreciate being employed in keeping it clean--a win-win proposition all around. A ripple effect, as it were. Which is much...

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