Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting up at 5:00 AM, because I want to--sort of Well, not exactly. I don't exactly want to get up at 5:00 AM, at least part of me doesn't, the part that resists inroads into my comfort zone, the part that thinks I really need all that sleep, that thinks I'm crazy for thinking this up in the first place. However influential that part of me may be, it does not run the show, and I am making another executive decision without consulting it for approval: I am going to begin cultivating the habit of getting up at 5:00 AM, so much so that it is ingrained in my psyche as The Thing To Do. This is something I've accomplished in the past. About three years ago I braved this grand experiment in the dead of winter and managed to reap the benefits, of which there are many. Now I am choosing to do it again, for several reasons: 1) I naturally wake up at this hour many days of the week anyway, so it's a matter of actually getting up that's at stake; 2) While I understand on an intellectual level what this will do for my business especially, as well as my life in general, implementing on a cellular level has become more important; 3) My son is going to be spending some extended time with me over the summer, and he is an early riser. Having a few weeks of practice under my belt before he arrives will help cement the new discipline and give me some needed quiet time before the blur of the day begins; 4) The subsequent earlier bedtimes will be a bonus benefit, as I will be truly tired when my head hits the pillow and I won't take forever to fall asleep--a multitude of benefits to this change. As I did previously...

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