Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stop Looking and Start Making That Connection After an inspiring, productive retreat weekend re-imagining on what I do here at blissmonger.com, I am very excited to announce that I will be focusing on helping those people who's "must-have" right now is relationship, so they can stop looking and start making that connection. *Are you tired of feeling alone, even if your bed isn't empty? *Are you reluctant to get back out there and try again after so many negative experiences? *Does managing your online dating presence feel like a second job? *Have you read all the books, listened to the tele-classes, attended the workshops, and somehow you're still alone? *Your biological clock may not be ticking, but are you almost convinced that it's too late to find your perfect partner? *Are you weary of trying to figure out how to "be" and what to say in dating situations? *Confused about where exactly to meet all those great potential mates out there? Tonight I will be hosting a tele-conference call to talk about the frustration men and women feel about not being able to find the partner they want to be with. If you are interested in contributing to this knowledge base, join us! WHEN: Thursday, August 4, 8:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific (For everyone else, here's a timezone convertor link) NUMBER TO CALL: 605-477-2100 ACCESS CODE: 1088843# The call is intended to last half an hour. While former possible mate bashing might be cathartic, the intention here is to focus on YOU and what you need to better navigate this whole dating and relationship process. Stop in even for just a few minutes--or DM me on FB or Twitter to set up a time we can chat. I'd love to hear from you!

Deb Schanilec

Connected and Committed relationship transformation strategist.

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