Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Do epic shit "So what does this mean to you? "Why… it means everything. It means that in the small amount of time you have to live, you can be whatever you want. It means that even though the universe doesn’t care enough to give you what you want, it doesn’t care enough to stop you from having it, either." I bumped into this phrase recently, this "Do epic shit" and decided to dig a little to see where in the culture it is meming from/to/around, besides the stencil spray paint photograph I found on FB via Sterling James. Thus the quote from an article by Johnny B. Truant. I doubt that the term was coined by Johnny, but it definitely works for the dude. And I can't help but point out some egregious errors in his thinking, due to a limited access to sources other than his own. Yes, you can be whatever and whomever you want to be. And yes, the universe doesn't "care" enough to give you what you want in the sense that it has that power. It doesn't. We do. WE are the ones stopping us from having what we want. It has the power to pull into physical form anything we can come up with in our imaginations, and it's waiting in the wings for us to line up with what we want. The free will thing is what keeps the delivery from happening. There's a balance of power, the physics of emotion, that Mr. Truant isn't aware of. And as he says, he's young, he's got other things to do right now. But if he were aware, epic shit would be just the beginning. Come on in, Johnny; the water's fine.

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