Friday, September 02, 2011

Don't practice believing; practice knowing I love it when a message comes to me through an unexpected source. Practicing some new thoughts around business was on my mind, and I picked up this book and turned to this passage: "The first thing you must tell yourself is that you can already do the technique," he continued. "Once you do that, you will be two giant steps ahead even before you start. The final step will be convincing you hands that they also know what to do." ..."What is coordination but a form of convincing?" he asked, spreading his hands and hunching his shoulders. "What?" "Is coordination anything more than a form of convincing?" he asked again. "What do you mean?" "Through practice and repetition, could it be that you are just convincing your muscles and you mind that they already know what to do? Maybe that's the primary function of practicing." "Uh, maybe so, I replied, trying to keep up. He pointed his long index finger at me and continued. "Now, what do you think would happen if you could convince yourself first, at the beginning of your quest? In other words, before you start practicing anything, convince yourself you can already do it. What would happen then? I'll tell you. Depending on how well you do at the convincing part, you will cut your practice time in half. use the full potential of your mind, and practice will become a thing of the past. How do you think I can play any instrument I choose? Do you think I've practiced them all? Can you imagine a master like the Buddha having to practice before he could play the bass?" ..."Stop it!" I responded in my own familiar way. "Just tell ne the truth." "Truth? What is truth? Truth is up to you. You make...

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